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We have a range of services we provide


Graemoh Foods Ltd provides consultancy services to existing agribusinesses on how to optimize their processes to reduce losses while maximizing revenue.

We also provide advisory services to individuals and corporate bodies, interested in venturing into agriculture.

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Business Plan Development

Are you trying to apply for a loan or a grant to either start your business or expand your existing your business?

Let us assist you develop a business plan that will get noticed anywhere.

Our team has over 15 years of combined experience in business plan writing and will be more than willing to assist you. Get in touch today!

Feasibility Studies and Assessment

We can assist you in carrying out feasibility studies on potential agribusinesses as well as existing ones.

We also carry out physical assessments on farms to determine the type of farming activity to carry out and how best to carry it out.  

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Trainings, Seminars and Workshops

Get your team updated with the latest Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) by our experienced team of trainers. We also conduct seminars and workshops on major agriculture topics.

Seen anything we can help you with?

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